Old Friends…

The River Goddess

Well, the Cottonwood has just reminded me that it’s time you got to know Rolf, Alyssa’s very old friend, and the Trees.  Incidentally, there is no picture of Rolf, nor of Alyssa or any of the other humans in the stories.  The reason for this is because I hope you can see yourself in these characters, unhindered by my mental images.  So, here we go!

The tall Cottonwood that lived at the corner of DeVargas and Galisteo streets wasn’t in its place when it noticed Owl’s truck pull up to the curb—it was down by the acequia sipping water from the ice melt.  Hastily it bounded back up the hill, landing with a jolt that dislodged a small piece of bark, and settled its branches. It would never do to miss the Greeting—a simple ceremony but one that held great meaning for both the Cottonwood and Alyssa. Besides, it had…

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