The River Goddess is real!

The River Goddess

Yes, she’s real!  I thought folks might like a bit of the “backstory,” so here it is:

In Tesuque, New Mexico, where we were living in the early 90s, there is an arroyo, or dry river bed, that runs through the property on which our casita, or cabin, was built.  I used to walk in the arroyo every day– it became a  secret world of my very own, and the feeling this evoked was similar to what I used to feel as a small girl when I’d find a special hiding place in Nature near my home.   One day during my walk I noticed a little root, sticking up out of the sand.  It looked so much like a female figure, dancing with wild abandon, that I decided to honor this manifestation of the Divine Feminine with a stone altar and a name.  The name that came to…

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