Meet the Cast !

These are some of the main characters in The River Goddess & Other Stories.  You’ll meet each one in more detail, but for now…

The Raven



The Raven serves as a  messenger.  He carries important information back and forth between Alyssa and her friends.  He gets a bit grumpy from time to time, but he has a good heart!


Then there’s Mr. Mole.  Definitely not the best-tempered of the lot, but he does help save Alyssa and Mr. Two from a terrible fate in “The Ants’ Treasure.”

Mr. Mole

And we can’t forget Mr. Snake, who plays his own part  in helping Alyssa and Two out of a bad spot.

Mr. Snake







Finally, there’s Octa, the Sea Princess.  Octa is probably the most difficult character of all.  She’s imperious, petulant, and utterly narcissistic!  A hard one to love, but the Cockney Gull is smitten in spite of it.

Octa the Sea Princess  Cockney Gull


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