All about Ants!

The River Goddess

One of the key characters in The River Goddess & Other Stories is Mr. Two, a large red ant who becomes Alyssa’s confidant and good friend.  Two, as she affectionately calls him, is a wee bit like C-3PO, the droid who behaves like a proper English  butler in most of the Star Wars movies.  It’s definitely time you met Two, so…

The Ants’ Treasure


Alyssa plunked down beside the Ant Hill at the top of the barranca, drew her legs up, and rested her chin on her knees.  Some days made absolutely no sense.  Especially this one!  Heart, usually calm and endlessly patient, had actually snapped at her after breakfast and told her to find something to do outside.  Gentle Owl, slamming his metal palette against the tiles on the kitchen counter while cleaning his brushes, was uncommonly loud and boisterous.  Alyssa wondered just what was going on. …

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